Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Story

The easiest way to summarize Fr. Haley's early story is to send you to Mark Fellows' article from Catholic Family News titled Father Haley and "The Boy's Club." the story essentially covers the period from Fr. Haley's suspension in 2001 up until the time of the deposition almost a year later. The article was originally published in 2003 in Catholic Family News.

I will be adding a timeline to the site to show the progression of events and give an easy overview of Fr. Haley's story.

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  1. The inadequate response to the Scandal is as big as the Scandal itself as it demonstrates a seeming inability of the Church to correct itself. They answered by criminalizing the Laity rather than policing themselves and by scapegoating Fr. Haley. The rot travels all he way to top.