Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Do They Think We're Stupid?

Question: When is a homosexual abuser not a homosexual abuser even when he's abusing boys?

Answer: When he's a homosexual priest being studied by the John Jay College for the Catholic Bishops to the tune of 2 million dollars.

Yup, you got it. After previous findings that 80% of the priest sex abusers targeted teenage boys (i.e., homosexual abuse), the John Jay group is now saying that homosexual abuse was not the problem. (Huh?) Well, we suspect that the real cause was, "The devil made them do it!"

This is a convenient finding for the bishops who now, no doubt, can continue telling parents their children are safer with homosexuals than heterosexuals and that allowing homosexuals in the seminaries is a blessing for the people they will serve,

There are are two-word descriptions for this. Political correctness is one, but B*** S*** is more appropriate.

The homosexual bishops who still seem to be running the Church got their money's worth from this study. And it is one more reason for the good bishops to pull out of the bishops' conference.

Hail to Caesar

Your Holiness, I Have the Evidence: Card. McCarrick Is a Homosexual, Please Act

Life and Death in a “Gay” Parish

What a difference five years make! Five years ago they knew priestly homosexuality was linked to the abuse. But now....well, let's just say that the department of newspeak got hold of the old results and dropped them down the memory hole.

The John Jay Study Yields New Evidence on Catholic Clergy Abuse especially teenage boys.

Seminary Reform Needed in Wake of Sex Abuse Study

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