Sunday, July 23, 2017

#DraintheVaticanSwamp -- And the Diocesan Swamps Too!

Gay orgies in the heart of the Vatican, a Spanish priest, Tomas Herrera,  bragging about carrying a condom around in his pocket, a proselytizer for the gay lifestyle appointed to the Vatican communications office, out and proud gay priests (here, herehere - how many examples do you want?) announcing their disordered inclinations. And then of course there are the gays in the hierarchy. Archbishop Weakland comes to mind, but there were and are others.

Many of these gay priests are actively teaching and preaching. They certainly aren't teaching orthodoxy on issues of sexual morality! (Actually, there are some who hide behind orthodoxy. Generally there are other signs that flash the caution light.)

So, while all these priests scandalize the faithful while remaining in good standing, Fr. Haley continues wandering in the desert, a man with no church.

If this isn't the setting for the chastisement I don't what is! Which makes me agree with those who ask the question, Is something coming? Matthew 24 seems to be seeing fulfillment in our days.

Keep watch and pray. Be ready every day. We may not know the day and the hour, but we ought to be able to recognize signs of a coming storm.


  1. Absolutely Mary Ann!! Divine intervention is knocking at our door. Pray that we may stay strong, courageous and faithful to our Precious Lord and His Mother till the end. Steve Skojec had a wonderful article this weekend about Confession and the IMPORTANCE of this wondrous Sacrament that God has given us so that we may not perish but may remain with Him eternally. There were some commentaries in his combox that were telling of the IMPORTANCE of the frequency of going to Confession as regularly as possible.....especially NOW. Confession and Communion as often as people are able. Satan is really vicious at this point as he knows he doesn't have long, and we are SOOOO vulnerable without the Sacraments. Receive these precious Sacraments like your life depends on it.......BECAUSE IT DOES!!!! Sometimes I find myself wanting to SHOUT shout this from my rooftop, the urgency of the situation seems to well up inside until I want to burst.

  2. In addition to praying for him, how else can we support Fr. Haley?

    How long has it been now, 17 years? Is there ANY hope that he may be reinstated under the current bishop, or at least released from the diocese so he may serve as a priest elsewhere?

  3. Poor Fr Haley😣 I don't think he can even rely on the Vsticzn to be fair with him. Is the new Bishop going to look into this?

  4. What happened to fr Ruskamp? We know where he is but he is another example of the Loverde beat down.