Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Abuser McCarrick got the Red Hat; Fr. Haley Who Tried to Protect the Flock Got the Butcher's Knife

He Preyed on Men Who Wanted to Be Priests

Reading stories about Cardinal McCarrick's sordid history of abuse make me so angry I need to go out and pound rocks. Sadly, he is becoming the icon for the hierarchy. How many of his "brethren" are just like him? If not abusers themselves, enablers and advancers of the abusers.

The Synods on the Family gave us a magnified view of so many evil men in red hats willing to lie and preen in front of the cameras while they undermined the faith. When I see the dissent to Church teaching among the "princes" of the Church, I recall Bishop Bruskewitz at the Dallas meeting making a motion to study the link between dissent and the sex abuse scandals. He couldn't even get a second! The bishops just wanted the bad news to go away or at least be redirected.

So they developed their zero strategy for the men under them, but were totally unaccountable for their own cover ups and enabling of the abuse not to mention their own venality which came out later when certain bishops were exposed as sex abusers. (Anthony O'ConnellJ. Keith SymonsDaniel RyanRembert Weakland, etc.) They developed policies to make priests and lay volunteers accountable (and easy to blame) for any future problems while they took no responsibility for the crisis. (Think VIRTUS and fingerprinting and police background checks for moms and grandmas teaching CCD.) Pontius Pilate comes to mind.

And when I see homosexualist bishops like Cardinal Cupich (those who promote homosexuality who may or may not be same-sex attracted themselves), I see red!

What hypocrisy!

He welcomes homosexualist Fr. James Martin, the champion of same-sex kissing at the sign of peace and shill for same-sex "marriage," to do a Lenten series in Chicago while he skewers Fr. Frank Phillips at St. John Cantius for alleged "inappropriate" behavior with adult men. The difference between the two? Fr. Martin shills for homosexuality, consorts with gay groups, and urges changes in Church teaching to accommodate sodomy while Fr. Phillips promotes the Latin Mass and reverence in the liturgy while he serves the flock.

What's wrong with this picture, Cardinal Cupich?

Fr. Haley exposed the homosexual crisis years ago to his bishop in Arlington who had his own "special friend" working as his diocesan secretary. He ended up booted from the priesthood. The evil and corruption continued. We still have active homosexuals ministering in our diocese and, yes, some are dissenters while others wear the mask of orthodoxy.

Fr. Haley has been a friend and a spiritual younger brother to me since he served as our associate pastor back in the 90s. I grieve for his loss to the flock. He told me once he wanted to be a priest so he could save those who would otherwise be lost. But, like the prophets in the Old Testament, speaking truth to power brought him abuse and expulsion.

Pray hard for priests. Pray even harder for bishops. As so many saints have said in different ways, the floor of hell is littered with bishops' miters/bones/skulls. Convert them, O Lord, and save the flock from their scandals! Our Lady, Queen of the Clergy, pray for us!


  1. You said it all, charitably and with Just anger. I can't add anything but "Thank you".

  2. Amen! I have seen it for many years, it has not changed much. God help us!
    Fran Raven

  3. So why is Cauchon, Bishop of Beauvais called English? A bad man and a bad Bishop but the English king's claims and titles in France were from French origins; not least taht his mother was daughter of King Charles VI of France

  4. I'll tell you exactly what's really wrong with the Cdl. Cupich/ Fr. Phillips circus that Cupich has single handidly created. Fr. Phillips was found completely vindicated of all charges and STILL has not (nor ever will be according to the 'good Cardinal' himself) reinstated. It's a purposeful strategy to destroy the Church.

  5. Do you know people in the Arlington Diocese who would do what the priest below recommends -- designated giving at the local parish every Sunday so not a penny goes to the diocese? Then for diocesan special collections/campaigns people could send the bishop a letter stating, "I would have pledged X amount but will not until you reinstate Fr. James Haley to the active priesthood and start addressing the problem of homosexual priests in the Arlington Diocese."

    I would love your opinion on this as I have some family in the Arlington Diocese who I think might be willing to do this.


    "...Here’s what the laity can do. Stop giving money to the diocese if you think them corrupt. Or if you just want to make a stand. When the bishop’s yearly collection comes around or a capital campaign comes around, send a letter saying I would have pledged X amount but I will not until you start addressing these problems in our church. To be sure individual parishes need to keep open. Each diocese assesses individual parishes roughly around 10% of their yearly collection. So for every $1 in the collection plate 10% goes to the diocese. Many people don’t know this. Then there are all of the special collections, the bishop’s yearly fund, etc. The way around that is through designated giving. I have taught some of my people that all they have to do is designate their tithe to the building or maintenance fund. Or designate it for a particular fund or ministry in the parish. Then legally it is a restricted donation and the diocese cannot assess any money from it. Our diocese tries to limit our ability to tell people about this, but it’s perfectly legal and it’s another way around sending money downtown. So what I would tell people is if you find a parish where you have a good priest, support him in every way you can, including financially. But starve the diocese and make it known you are doing so. The bishop has no recourse against the laity. This goes for everyone, no matter how small the financial gift. The more letters the better because if the bishop feels like it’s becoming a movement he will start to act. In the end, money has the most influence on the Church. When the money dries up the bishop will see it as an existential threat..."

  6. To anyone who knows how to reach Fr. Haley: Please ask him to contact Rod Dreher at The American Conservative to tell his story about Bishop Loverde and the Arlington Diocese! Mention of Fr. Haley's story has recently appeared on several blogs -- The American Conservative, Lifesite News, and One Peter Five. Many have suffered and we need courageous people to start banding together and speaking out! Fr. Haley tried. Maybe the time is right for him to try again. Will anyone come forward to support him?

    -Maureen McCauley

  7. Michael Voris would like to reach out to Fr. Haley. Please email me at bradleyeli@churchmilitant.com about his whereabouts. God bless

  8. Thanks Mary Ann for not letting this injustice be forgotten. In his recent Walk Humbly podcast Bishop Burbidge talked a lot about "accountability." Let's hope it is not all talk. I knew Fr. Haley was he was at my parish in McLean and was very happy with him. He was one of the best.

  9. Bradley, I spoke to Fr. Haley. He has received contacts from both Michael Voris and Rod Dreher. He hadn't decided whether to get back into the fire pit. Deja vu can be awfully painful.

  10. Fr. Haley for Archbishop of Washington, DC! Imagine the message that would send!

  11. Mary Ann - Thank you for posting this. It's because you posted the deposition years ago that I knew anything at all about the Father Haley case. I am a Catholic in the Arlington Diocese. I converted from atheism 19 years ago and just like you, I'm sick and disgusted by this sex abuse scandal and cover-up.