Bishop Loverde, Where is Fr. James Haley?

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

How Abusers Groom their Targets: Warning -- Graphic Content (no pictures)

Many Catholics believe the sex abuse scandals are a thing of the past. They aren't. A number of dioceses continue to coddle homosexual priests who maintain same-sex relationships, enjoy pornography, embezzle parish funds and are a real threat to the young. As recently as last Spring, a group of laity in Miami at St. Rose of Lima put together a dossier on their pastor, Fr. Pedro Corces, who was cavorting with his gay boyfriend and making changes at the school that concerned parents. He gave his boyfriend who had an extensive criminal background a maintenance job at the parish. 

When they took their information to Bishop Thomas Wenski did he thank the parents? No, it was deja vu: attack the messengers! He excoriated the laity, conducted his own investigation, and exonerated the priest in early July although he asked him to resign as pastor. Interestingly, Corces was also vocations director from 1996-2006. Now who exactly do you think he was bringing into the seminaries? More about Fr. Corces here. I bring this up because the case below is an old one. But what happened to the family and the "grooming" techniques used to molest the children is as typical today as it was then. Find a vulnerable family, befriend them especially the young boys, take them on outings alone, and when the timing is right molest them. Sometimes the children are threatened not to tell and the abuse can go on for years. This case is heartbreaking, but things like this are still going on. And Wenski's behavior in Miami shows that the Child Protection Programs are, in many cases, a farce!

The Sex Abuse Case Against Father Anthony J. Cipolla 
Part I - Setting the Record Straight
By Randy Engel

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Archbishop Thomas Wenski: For Shame!

The Immutable Archbishop Thomas Wenski

Archbishop Thomas Wenski
The immutable Thomas Wenski, Archbishop of Miami, is in the news again with charges of “slanderous gossip, calumny, detraction” against the faithful. It wasdéjà vu reading the Miami Herald article since when Archbishop Wenski of Miami was Bishop Wenski of Orlando from 2004 to 2010, and we wrote the Orlando Truth newsletter, he vilified us with identical charges.

At one point Bishop Wenski said that I was on the verge of excommunication. “ME?!” I replied. “How about excommunicating your heretical Chancery nuns and the Orlando priest we caught going to an out of state nude gay resort with his priest lover from another diocese?” (That priest still remains the pastor at his same Orlando Diocesan parish which has an elementary school.) Admittedly, while reading this article I chuckled at a few sentences which brought back joyful memories from those years, especially the part about the private investigator “going through the church rectory trash”. Those were the days. 

But nothing has changed. Archbishop Wenski acts exactly the same and speaks the same as when the Orlando Truth was in active combat with him. Just as when he was in Orlando and blamed the Orlando Truth for “sinful behaviors,” he is not upset with what Fr. Pedro Corces, Pastor at Miami Shores’ St. Rose of Lima has done but that his – the priest’s – sinful behaviors of sexual impropriety were uncovered! “The church isn’t upset by the sins of their priests but by the fact that the faithful have had the audacity, the temerity, to bring this up,” says Rosa Armesto, the attorney representing St. Rose of Lima parishioners and parents of children in the school there after Archbishop Wenski wrote a letter asking people to pray for “the children who have been dis-edified by the spectacle of adults behaving badly”. Hmmm – how about Archbishops behaving badly?

St. Rose of Lima parishioners
supporting the nuns
To add fire to the furnace Fr. Corces wanted a lay principal for the school therefore ordered the ouster of the IHM nuns whose order had been at the parish school since 1981.

As one person said, “There are no excuses for Archbishop Wenski’s conduct and disgraceful responses to these well documented activities. His only concern seems to be to get promoted to higher levels within the Church. Sad! Sad! Sad!”

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Another Whistleblower Priest Gets the Shaft

Fr. John Gallagher
While the bishop cover-ups of abusive priests is supposed to be behind us, in some places they continue. And whistleblower priests who, like Fr. James Haley, expose sexual scandals, continue to face persecution. Here's the latest from Palm Beach, FL, a diocese with a history of scandal and a reputation for being riddled with homosexual clergy.

Fr. John Gallagher, an Irish priest, serving in Florida reported a visiting Indian priest for showing multiple pornographic pictures of naked boys to a 14-year-old boy. The diocese wanted him "disappeared" but Father called the cops. And here's what happened next.

Diocese of Palm Beach Retaliates against Priest who Exposed Minor's Sex Abuse 

You can get a better idea of Fr. Gallagher by reading a 2006 interview in the Sun Sentinel. He sounds like a good priest doing his best to shepherd the flock. Please pray for him.

See more here including a video of the priest.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Is Fr. Haley Vindicated by What's Coming Out about "Gays" in the Vatican?

Here's a typical media spin on gay theologian Msgr. Charamso's "coming out."

Charming, eh?

Now, if you don't know about Fr. James Haley you should. He was a priest in the diocese of Arlington who, over a decade ago, blew the whistle on homosexual priests with porn in the closet and boyfriends in the bedroom. It was a message the bishop did not want to hear.

Monday, August 3, 2015

The Insanity Goes On.... What Doesn't the Bishop Understand about Protecting the Flock from Heresy?

Gay Priest Reassigned to Two Parishes

The priest is a heretic. His pro-gay marriage tweet was a public scandal and repudiation of a Church doctrine. That, friends, is the definition of heresy. Every parishioner exposed to this man is endangered. And the bishop, who has a responsibility to protect the flock, is derelict in his duty.

God save us. But are we surprised that the bishop is allowing this to go on. Check out what's really important to Archbishop John Meyers of Newark. It puts the coddling of the gay priest in perspective.

A few more articles.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Fr. Michael Rodriguez, Another Persecuted Priest!

Blessed be the name of the Lord in both joy and sorrow.

Fr. Michael Rodriguez has been persecuted for several years, primarily because of his adherence to the Latin Mass, the Mass of the ages. He is suspended from public ministry and is starting a sabbatical to discern his future. When you consider that avowed homosexual priests continue to serve in "good standing" the treatment of this priest is

Watch the humble homily from his last public Mass. and then read the linked articles. And above all, please pray for Fr. Rodriguez and, as a sacrifice for him, accept your sufferings as a grace from God that unites you more closely to Christ. "Look to the crucifix...and understand more deeply...what it means to suffer."  Amen!

Statement released about Fr. Michael Rodriguez

An Article on the history of Father's trouble -- note the part that the gay agenda played

The Trials of the Papist Priest