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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Fr. Michael Rodriguez, Another Persecuted Priest!

Blessed be the name of the Lord in both joy and sorrow.

Fr. Michael Rodriguez has been persecuted for several years, primarily because of his adherence to the Latin Mass, the Mass of the ages. He is suspended from public ministry and is starting a sabbatical to discern his future. When you consider that avowed homosexual priests continue to serve in "good standing" the treatment of this priest is

Watch the humble homily from his last public Mass. and then read the linked articles. And above all, please pray for Fr. Rodriguez and, as a sacrifice for him, accept your sufferings as a grace from God that unites you more closely to Christ. "Look to the crucifix...and understand more deeply...what it means to suffer."  Amen!

Statement released about Fr. Michael Rodriguez

An Article on the history of Father's trouble -- note the part that the gay agenda played

The Trials of the Papist Priest

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Moving the Abusers: It Continues with Carlos Urrutigoity in Paraguay

EXCLUSIVE: After US sex abuse scandals, an accused priest rises again in Paraguay

The Diocese of Scranton recommended removal of Carlos Urrutigoity from active ministry to protect young people. Read their statement here. Transferring priests between dioceses and even out of the country used to be common practice with the accused. Obviously, it hasn't died out. Now who is watching out for the young people in Paraguay. And what should one make of a seminarian saying Urrutigoity is like a father to them? Isn't that what they said about Marcial Maciel?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

When Will These Rogue Priests Be Disciplined?

LGBT retreat not about changing

From the article:
[Fr.] Kavcak, a priest of Missionaries of the Sacred Heart. was once the pastor at Our Lady of Solitude in Palm Springs and is now pastor at neighboring Saint Theresa Church where the retreat will be held. Father Kavcak rented Our Lady of Solitude Church for at least two full days to Hollywood producer, Jerry Weintraub, so that church scenes could be filmed in the movie Behind the Candelabra, a gay men’s sordid love story involving Liberace in his late 50s and a young teenage guy.

Send a message to Bishop Gerald Barnes. Don't expect much since he approved the lewd movie event. But, hey, people can change, even bishops, and they sure don't like bad publicity. So make sure to advertise this far and wide!


Telephone: 909.475.5300

Fax: 909.475.5109

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

George Nemayr on Cardinal Wuerl Appointment

I agree with his assessment. And the title says it all.

Here's a bit from the article. No one can say that George Neumayr is afraid to court controversy:
Wuerl’s promotion confirms that the bad guys have won this dispute, which means, among other things, that the Democrats won’t think twice about sticking a phony Catholic on the ticket with Hillary. “Pope Francis Catholics” will hit the campaign trail with confidence in 2014 and 2016, quoting his half-baked “who am I to judge?” musings and pointing to Wuerl's disavowal of canon law. 
It was clear from day one that Francis never took canon law all that seriously, seeing it as one of those awful relics of “rule-bound” pre-Vatican II Catholicism. In fact, he had been violating it down in Buenos Aires long before he washed the feet of a Muslim woman on Holy Thursday days after his pontificate began. (The sycophantic Catholic press said that he had the “right” to do that as the supreme legislator of canon law while conveniently ignoring that he had done the same as archbishop of Buenos Aires when he enjoyed no such right.) So it makes perfect sense that he would make the antinomian Wuerl one of his chief bishop-makers. 
“Do not give what is holy to dogs,” Jesus Christ instructed his disciples. That was his Communion policy. But Wuerl and Francis strike a different tone, one that they flatter with the name “pastoral,” as if laxity and indifference to sacrilege have ever been good for souls.
So what's next? Watch the appointments of new bishops from the U.S. With Cardial Wuerl and Cardinal Levada advising the pope, well, I am less than optimistic. Will they even consider priests who might implement canon law 915? Somehow I doubt it.

Pray for Holy Mother Church and for the shepherds many of whom starve the sheep by withholding the food of the one, true faith.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

And You Thought the Homosexual Scandals Were Behind Us?

This article is from last February, but it's still timely. It's interesting to get the perspective from an avowed homosexual who entered religious life and then left during formation. It isn't clear from the interview whether he thinks acting on homosexual inclinations is wrong, but he definitely thinks homosexuals in the priesthood and religious life are no problemo. So I suppose he would agree that heterosexual priests living in a convent with the nuns would be no problemo either. 

'Homosexuality is a ticking timebomb for the Catholic Church': 

Apparently, according to Dowd, homosexuals in the priesthood isn't the problem; it's the secrecy. We need priests and monks to be able to come out of the closet and accept themselves for who they are. Then all will be well and they will psycho-sexually healthy. We just need a progressive pope to take the Church in a new direction. 

Ai yi yi!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Leon Podles: The Root of All Evil

Leon Podles has an insightful article about how the bishops can address the homosexual problem if they're serious. (They aren't!) It's the usual prescription: Follow the money! Homosexual priests plus greed are the coin of the realm of evil. So if you have a homosexual priest, you'll likely have a man robbing the collection basket to support his lifestyle which probably includes expensive vacations, lavish personal property (Rolex anyone?), gifts for his paramours, a house on the side, lavish parties and restaurants, etc.

Will the lover of poverty, Pope Francis, address the homosexual scandal that continues to plague the Church? Time will tell. When you see somebody taking a serious look at the finances, you can fan the ember of hope. Up to now it mostly hasn't happened. Perhaps that's because many bishops have a good thing going and don't want to mess it up. But watch for the next big scandal in the Church to be about money. Financial shenanigans aren't limited to the Vatican!

Pray, fast, and give a generous donation to the poor today through a personal sacrifice. It's the best antidote to greed.