Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Birthday, Fr. Haley and Faithful Priests of the Church

Dear Friends,

Today is the feast of the priesthood when Jesus first told his apostles, "Do this in memory of me." I wish all the faithful priests in our diocese a happy birthday. Thank you for washing our feet through your service.

Today I'm launching this blog dedicated to Fr. James Haley and the on-going scandal of his treatment by Bishop Loverde. I suspect many will be critical of this work. So be it.

We live in a Church today where unfaithful and heretical priests are allowed to engage in dissent and publicly disgraceful actions with impunity. I'll just give three examples.

Fr. Michael Pfleger - Archdiocese of Chicago - I hardly need to add anything about this outrageous and scandalous priest beyond his name. Has he been silenced? Suspended? Cast out into outer darkness? No, he continues to lead his parish on the wide path to hell.

Fr. Steve Meriwether - Archdiocese of San Francisco under Archbishop George Niederauer. Holy Redeemer parish is notorious for its gay bingo, drag beauty contests, etc. (The bingo was finally stopped after public outrage from the faithful.) Fr. M. blesses participants in the Castro Street Fair (a lewd gay pride event), continues to allow gay drag events in his parish, and promotes the entire activist gay agenda. If he is not homosexual himself, he is a homosexualist advancing gay rights. And yet he continues undisciplined from scandal to scandal. No silencing, no suspension.

Fr. Michael Lastiri - Diocese of Fresno under Bishop John Steinbock. Lastiri advertised on the internet for gay sex. A gay friend of his whom he allowed to live in the rectory molested the nephew of a fellow priest. What happened? Steinbock sent Lastiri for a quick cover trip to the notorious St. Luke's in Silver Spring and then put him in prison ministry for a time. He's now back in regular parish ministry as the administrator of Our Lady of the Sierra, appropriate perhaps since the people there are likely to be in the desert with such a pastor. (A fellow priest, Fr. Joe Baca, known for his orthodoxy, has been labeled by the bishop as unassignable.)

Why are these priests still in active service while Fr. Haley is out in the cold and, if rumors are accurate, excommunicated from the Church? It is an injustice that screams to heaven and deserves to be exposed. For that reason I'm putting this blog online on the Birthday of the priesthood.

And I ask every cleric the forbidden question? When will it get a straight answer?

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