Friday, April 17, 2009

Speedy Chancery "Justice"

Back in the '80s when Fr. Tom Doyle warned the bishops of the huge sex abuse scandal brewing, they simply would not listen. In fact, Doyle, who was on the fast track for advancement, saw his promising career train suddenly grind to a halt. Some big cases hit the streets: Gilbert Gauthe in Lafayette, LA and Rudy Kos in Dallas, TX, but the bishops' policy of secrecy and cover-up worked for another decade or so before the Boston Globe blew the lid off. The extent of the mostly homosexual abuse of youngters enabled and covered-up by ecclesial Judases covered Holy Mother Church in slime. And most of the guilty bishops continue along their merry ways with hardly a nickel's loss in their collection baskets.

Well, the bishops may be slow to act on child sex abuse and dissent, but they are lightening quick when it comes to going after the REAL SCANDALS. The Diocese of Rockville Center was Johnny-on-the-spot to discipline the pastor in the video below. After watching it, I'm sure you'll be relieved that Fr. Fidelis has been declawed and tamed by the ever-vigilant sheriff (oops...I mean bishop) William Murphy. What a demonstration of manly action to preserve the people of his diocese. Offer your chaplet for him today.

N.B. Thanks to blogger friend Robert Kumpel where I first found this video.

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