Thursday, October 29, 2009

Why would you trust the bishops with your money?

Diocese to pay $4M for abuse

Many bishops covered for abuser priests resulting in millions of dollars in judgments against dioceses. Several have declared bankruptcy. Money collected from the people of God for the work of the Church is going to huge payouts because of the bisops' irresponsibility.

But a priest who revealed the danger of homosexual men in the priesthood is dismissed for giving Bishop Loverde the bad news about his porn-addicted and acting out priests. Homosexuals can't be trusted in the priesthood and they can never be trusted with children. Fr. Haley knew it and exposed it. No thanks to enabling bishops, some of the abusers finally received justice for their crimes. But what kind of justice has Fr. Haley seen? How many other priests will be willing to expose the truth about homosexuals embezzling from the collection basket after seeing the treatment of whistleblowing priests?

If you think the bishops' safe touch program solves the problem, you live in a dream world. The bishops just shifted reponsibility to the volunteers making them mandatory reporters. So if an abuse happens on your watch, playground mom, be prepared for a personal lawsuit.

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