Friday, March 12, 2010

Is there a gay prostitution ring at the Vatican?

Sex scandal rocks Vatican: Papal usher, chorister linked to gay prostitution ring

Good-Bye Good Men! showed that homosexuality in the clergy was endemic. Seminaries were full of it and orthodox heterosexuals were systematically denied access to the seminary, some of which had nicknames like "the pink palace." Has the problem been cleaned up? We'd all like to think so, but the recent scandal at the Vatican isn't encouraging. One of the most worrisome details was this quote from Reuters.

"Wiretap transcripts published by La Repubblica showed that among the men Ehiem allegedly procured for Balducci were seminarians. In one, Balducci is quoted as asking Ehiem: 'At what time does he have to return to the seminary?'"

Okay, we all know that there are many bishops in the Church who think allowing homosexuals into the seminary is perfectly fine. They even describe these disordered men as "heroic" while they enter a career that puts them in a continuous occasion of sin. There's nothing heroic about that. If they seriously desire to be holy, it's foolhardy. It seems to me more likely that most homosexuals enter the seminary because it appeals -- a lifestyle surrounded by men to whom you are attracted, going on vacations together, spending your day off with them -- while everyone around you offers respect and gratitude for your holy "sacrifice." What kind of a sacrifice is the priesthood for a homosexual? None. And that's why they must be banned from the seminary period!

So has anyone a followed-up at the Vatican to find out who the seminarian was that Balducci was speaking about? Are the seminaries of Rome filled with homosexuals? If so, it doesn't bode well for the future.

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