Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Archbishop Weakland's Sick Legacy

Catholics who followed the career of Archbishop Weakland and his destruction of the Milwaukee Archdiocese were not surprised when he wrote his tell-all book proclaiming his homosexuality. The man's behavior (or misbehavior) as a bishop was a neon light blinking about his perversion. Cases of lives damaged by this despicable cleric continue to be revealed. Below are excerpts from an article on one of the priests he enabled, fellow homosexual James Tully. Weakland sent Tully off to Africa on two separate assignments where he freely engaged in raping and sodomizing young boys:
Tully's story is an example of how the church transferred abusive priests from country to country, in a scandal now emerging worldwide. But it also shows the deep reluctance to come out against a Catholic priest in many parts of Africa.

Catholic Archbishop Buti Tlhagale of Johannesburg cautioned this month that the scandals in the church were not particular to the United States and Europe.

"It simply means that the misbehavior of priests in Africa has not been exposed to the same glare of the media as in other parts of the world," Tlhagale said....

The shade and occasional breeze are the only relief from the unrelenting 100-degree (38-degree Celsius) heat matched by 100 percent humidity that has men lifting their shirts to fan bellies and black skin glistening with sweat. The only sound is the chirping of long-billed birds attracted to a nearby rice paddy.

It was in these villages that Tully demanded oral sex, called "lollipopping" in the Krio dialect, the teacher said.

"He would want us to play with his penis, to arouse him; not even to just play with it but to put it in your mouth," said the teacher, who asked to remain anonymous because he works at a Catholic school and fears he could be fired.

Asked if the sex had gone any further, tears welled in the teacher's eyes and he turned away: "I don't want to remember that. After all these years, I still can't talk about it. It makes me hot all over."

Tully would not comment about these accusations when approached by The Associated Press in New Jersey, where he now lives. The Catholic Church says it never received any complaints about Tully's behavior in Sierra Leone.

"No family member or friends or associates of any victim that was sexually abused has come forward to inform or report to me that he has been sexually abused by Father Tully," said Bishop Giorgio Biguzzi of Makeni, who was bishop through all the years Tully was based in his northern diocese.

Such responses do not surprise the Sierra Leonean schoolteacher.

"Who would believe a young village boy over a white priest?" he asked. (Read complete article here... )
Is this still going on? I am aware of a homosexual priest in my diocese who frequently visits a third world country. I've even seen pictures of him surrounded by young boys. Is the bishop vigilant to protect foreign children, the children of the poor? I'd say not since, when Fr. Haley warned him about the perverted priests in the diocese, he did nothing about it, but instead came down with a club on Fr. Haley.

How much help are so-called "safe touch" programs to children in other countries when predators are sent there? And how many victims in the third world will be silent because "Who would believe a young village boy over a white priest?" What exactly is the bishop doing to protect the potential victims outside the country?

Archbishop Weakland wasn't the only bishop sending his problems abroad. Apparently moving abusive priests out of the country was a common practice as this article suggests:
Bill Nash and other members of Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests held a news conference on Thursday in response to an Associated Press story that detailed 30 cases worldwide in which priests accused of abuse were transferred or moved abroad, including one case from the Worcester area.
Is the sex abuse problem behind us or, like a latent virus, has it simply simply gone underground. Since many of the bishops who enabled it are still serving and continue to justify the ordination of homosexuals one can't help wondering. Clearly Archbishop Weakland was not the only homosexual bishop in the closet. How many are still enabling dissent and closeted perversion as long as it's "age appropriate?"

Bill Nash of SNAP realeased the photos of Fr. Tully which were taken in 1986.

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