Friday, September 3, 2010

Most Holy Redeemer in San Francisco -- Another Homosexual Scandal

From California Catholic Daily - published September 3

Most Holy Redeemer ex-parish council officer, friend of USF’s Donal Godfrey
Keeps “slave,” leads workshops at sado-masochist conference

A prominent member of San Francisco’s Most Holy Redeemer parish will conduct two workshops at the “Master/slave Conference 2010” to be held at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Silver Springs, Maryland on September 3-6. Patrick Mulcahey is a past vice-president of Most Holy Redeemer’s pastoral council and has served as a eucharistic minister at Masses....

The two workshops Mr. Mulcahey will lead are: Monogamy in M/s (M/s is short for “Master/slave”; the name of the “slave” is always given in lowercase), and Building your Collaring Ceremony. A collaring ceremony is a ritual where the slave receives a collar denoting submission to a master. The description of Mr. Mulcahey’s workshop seems a satanic inversion of marriage and baptism:
“Common elements of a collaring ceremony, and adapting them to your own commitments and religious/spiritual beliefs, with favored readings, including Scriptural ones. The role and obligations of those witnessing.”
The presence of a homosexual sadomasochistic subculture at Most Holy Redeemer has been well documented. From 2000 to 2008, which includes the period that Mulcahey served as pastoral council vice-president, the church hosted nearly annual events for sado-masochistic groups the Golden Gate Guards and the Inter-Club Fund. The presence of a “leatherman” on the pastoral council explains why these s/m groups chose Most Holy Redeemer—and why the events were allowed. In 2008, the archdiocese caused these events to be discontinued, following efforts on the part of San Francisco Catholics.

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