Friday, January 13, 2012

The Homosexual Cabal in Kansas City

We're often told that the homosexual problem in the Church doesn't exist. Don't believe it! In England and Wales a 2003 survey of priests where over half responded disclosed that 53% thought ordaining practicing homosexuals was fine and dandy. Fact is, the homosexual cabal is still active in many dioceses. Here's the latest in Kansas City-St. Joseph where a former employee, Larry Probst, is suing the diocese for a sexually hostile work environment. Probst was an archivist in the chancery and describes homosexual harassment by priests as well as sexually charged and lewd comments.

This problem will continue as long as homosexuals are admitted to the priesthood. Keeping it secret, as Cardinal-elect (at the time) William Levada suggested in 2006 is hardly the answer. In an address given during the installation of the new rector for the North American Pontifical College in Rome, Levada stated that a priest who reveals his homosexuality "places an obstacle to his ability to represent Christ the bridegroom to his bride, the people of God." He asked the question, "Does he not see how his declaration places him at odds with the spousal character of love as revealed by God and imaged in humanity?"

Levada's words are a head scratcher. Does he really believe the spousal nature of the bridegroom/priest to his bride/the Church is less compromised when the priest keeps his disordered nature secret? That's like claiming a disordered man who identifies as homosexual can keep his secret and marry a woman -- like infamous sex abuser Rudy Kos. His former wife warned Church authorities about his homosexuality before he was admitted to the seminary. They ignored her.

But Levada's speech makes one wonder. How many hidden homosexuals are serving the Church? How many are practicing? I've heard homosexuals argue that celibacy, which they define as not having relations with a woman, doesn't apply to them. And they appear to believe it if the claims in Probst's lawsuit are true.

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  1. I agree that great care should be taken in who is allowed to be a priest. He must be a man who is above reproach and striving to live a saintly life in Christ.

    That being said, I think Cardinal Levada did not mean that the man who is actively homosexual should be silent about it. Such a man should not be a priest just as a man who is sexually active should also not go into the priesthood. I think he meant that if someone who may have had those tendencies but is living a holy life and is a priest should never talk about it.