Thursday, March 15, 2012

You Want to Help Fr. Haley?

I just had a long talk with Fr. Haley. He's without income, having been cut off by the diocese. He's also experiencing some pretty significant health problems. Anyone who has asked how they can help, I urge to write him a check and send it to me. I'll forward it to the person taking his mail. He didn't ask me for any financial help, by the way. The only thing he wants is for the truth about homosexuals in the priesthood to be exposed and for homosexuals to be banned from the priesthood and from positions of authority. We all know what homosexuals in high places have done to damage the perception of the holy Catholic Church.

The injustice of Fr. Haley's case cries to heaven for justice. It is all the more painful for having so many powerful members of the hierarchy involved in his trial. I'd call it a "show trial" but there was no show to it. All of it was secret including much that was secret even from Fr. Haley and his canon lawyer. Talk about a Catch-22 or living in a Kafka novel!

I hope at some point to begin posting Fr. Haley's story including documents. It is a sad thing that the truth has been buried in clerical secrecy, a secrecy used against other good priests who just disappear without a trace.

Faithful Catholics need to demand of their bishops why it is not okay for heterosexual priests to live with women and spend lots of time alone in unchaperoned situations while it is A-okay for homosexual priests to live with men, go on retreat with men, share hotel rooms with men, and spend all their time in close association with them. Talk about a double standard! Canon law (277 #2) says that "Clerics are to conduct themselves with due prudence in associating with persons whose company could endanger their obligation to observe continence or could cause scandal for the faithful." But the mantra is for homosexuals to be secret so that those companions "whose company...endanger their obligation to observe continence" won't "cause scandal for the faithful." So a heterosexual priest who gave up marriage and family makes a real sacrifice. The secret homosexual enjoys the flirting and pleasure (including sodomy for some) with "companions" who "endanger...continence" while living the lie that they have also given up the love of a woman and a family.

The secrecy makes a shameful situation worse. Bring all the homosexual priests out of the closet. At least then the orthodox will know whom to avoid. As long as homosexual priests keep their same-sex attraction secret they can pretty much do whatever they want in private as long as they keep their hands off minors.

So the homosexuals are still in our diocese living a lie, while Fr. Haley was forcibly dismissed from the priesthood for daring to speak the truth to power. The lavender mafia in the hierarchy continues to protect homosexual priests while throwing out good priests who expose their perversion. God help us!

Almsgiving is part of our Lenten discipline. I hope you'll give alms to Fr. Haley in lieu of supporting the Bishops Lenten Appeal. I guarantee the money won't go to fill up a wine cellar, a million dollar renovation of a house, or an expensive vacation to Provincetown, MA on Cape Cod.

You can send checks to:
Fr. James Haley
c/o Mary Ann Kreitzer
1216 Mill Rd.
Woodstock, VA 22664


  1. I suggest he contact the SSPX and learn how to say the Latin Mass if he doesn't know it already. Please tell him about the late Fr. John O'Connor who was kicked out as well due to homosexuals. Ask him to watch Fr's video here:
    They wanted Fr. to take an exam to see if he was crazy but a friend told him not to because they would hold it against him either way.

  2. Mary Ann, I would have contacted you via email but couldn't find an address for you.
    When you speak to Father Haley next, please ask him why he continues to stay with the Church rather than go with the SSPX or a sedevacantist group. His answer will help me. I realize that what we have today in the Church is nothing new (read Bernard Ruffin's bio of Padre Pio), but Father has been treated shamefully, and it would have been quite easy for him to just give up on the "institutional" Church.
    Thank you.

  3. Mary Ann,

    Have you heard of the allegations that came out yesterday against Fr. Terry Specht of the Arlington Diocese? If I'm not mistaken, I believe he was one of the priests that Father Haley mentioned in his deposition. Although I won't make any judgment until all the facts come out, it would not be surprising if it is true, based on what Fr. Haley said.