Thursday, October 17, 2013

Leon Podles: The Root of All Evil

Leon Podles has an insightful article about how the bishops can address the homosexual problem if they're serious. (They aren't!) It's the usual prescription: Follow the money! Homosexual priests plus greed are the coin of the realm of evil. So if you have a homosexual priest, you'll likely have a man robbing the collection basket to support his lifestyle which probably includes expensive vacations, lavish personal property (Rolex anyone?), gifts for his paramours, a house on the side, lavish parties and restaurants, etc.

Will the lover of poverty, Pope Francis, address the homosexual scandal that continues to plague the Church? Time will tell. When you see somebody taking a serious look at the finances, you can fan the ember of hope. Up to now it mostly hasn't happened. Perhaps that's because many bishops have a good thing going and don't want to mess it up. But watch for the next big scandal in the Church to be about money. Financial shenanigans aren't limited to the Vatican!

Pray, fast, and give a generous donation to the poor today through a personal sacrifice. It's the best antidote to greed.

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  1. It's long been my thought that one of the reasons the USCCB was so pushing Obamacare is because dioceses are slated to lose big money paying on their own for all of the AIDS cases.