Friday, May 28, 2010

The Homosexuality of Cardinal McCarrick

As I read this I was struck by McCarrick's instructions to the young men to call him "Uncle Ted." Does this remind you of anything? It made me think of "Uncle Screwtape" writing to his nephew Wormwood. Cardinal McCarrick has shown himself to be an evil man, a liar. He hid the Vatican letter about Communion in the hand from his confreres and has done much to undermine the faith. Remember when he drew Senator Ted Kennedy out of the pew and walked arm in arm down the aisle after Mass. He is an architect of the culture of death. And yet, as Richard Sipe points out, he remains an honored member of the boys' club in the Church. God help us! Is it any wonder Congress voted to let gays serve openly in the military? 

Until men like McCarrick and Weakland are publicly rebuked by the pope and their brother bishops Church teaching on sexuality is, in practice, null and void. We have been betrayed at the highest levels of the Church. Come, Lord Jesus! For Sipe's full report go here.

From the documents of Richard Sipe

"The facts are clear, simple, and typical of the heritage of tolerance of abuse and cover-up inculcated by Theodore E. McCarrick, archbishop of Newark (1986-2000) and perpetuated by his successors. There is documentation that records McCarrick’s sexual activity and sleeping arrangements with seminarians and young priests even when he served as the first bishop of Metuchen after serving as an auxiliary bishop in New York.

"On file are the unsealed 'MEDIATION DOCUMENTATION FOR FR. G.' that involved McCarrick, the dioceses of Metuchen and Newark, NJ. (2006) A financial settlement was reached. The case was sent to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome, but it has not yet responded. Documents include the history of McCarrick’s initial sexual gesture and approach to the victim then a seminarian, in the bishop’s Metuchen residence in 1986. Documentation includes hand written correspondence (letters and cards) from McCarrick postmarked between 1987 and 2005. Many of the letters are signed 'Uncle Ted.' The names of other priests who were either seen having sex with McCarrick or witnessed McCarrick having sex with another priest are also included in the file. One of the priests is still in active ministry another left the ministry and was assisted by the church and McCarrick to re-educate for another profession. The names of other sexually active priests are also in the reports. Records of McCarrick’s activities with these priests are also included in medical evaluations and records all reviewed by Bishop Hughes of Metuchen already in 1995.

"Excerpts from the legal Settlement Documents include firsthand accounts that are also in the Newark Archdiocese records of an incident on a trip with McCarrick, then Archbishop of Newark, New Jersey, with a seminarian and two young priests when they shared a room with two double beds, it reads:

· McCarrick, wearing just underwear, got into bed with one of the priests: “Bishop McCarrick was sitting on the crotch of Fr. RC As I was watching TV with Fr BL [full names appear in the documents], bishop McCarrick was smiling and laughing and moving his hands all over Fr. RC’s body. Bishop McCarrick was touching Fr. C’s body, rubbing his hands from head to toe and having a good time, occasionally placing his hands underneath Fr. C’s underwear. [I was] feeling very uncomfortable while trying to focus on television, and Fr. B.L., started smiling. As I looked at the bed next to me, Bishop McCarrick was excitedly caressing the full body of Fr. R.C. At that moment, I made eye contact [with] Bishop McCarrick. He smiled at me saying, 'Don’t worry, you’re next.' At that moment, I felt the hand of Fr. B.L. rubbing my back and shoulders. I felt sick to my stomach and went under the covers and pretended to sleep.”
"McCarrick continued to pursue the young man, sent him notes and telephoned him. Notes reveal that it was the custom the Archbishop McCarrick to call his protégés “nephew” and encouraged his entourage to call each other “cousin” and for them to call him 'uncle Ted.'

"On another occasion McCarrick summoned the young man to drive him from the Newark Cathedral to New York City. He took him to dinner; and after, rather than returning to Newark as anticipated McCarrick went to a one-room apartment that housed one bed and a recliner chair. McCarrick said that he would take the chair, but after showering he turned off the lights and clad in his underwear he climbed into bed with his guest. Here is the account from the documents:

· “He put his arms around me and wrapped his legs around mine. Then He started to tell me what a nice young man I was and what a good priest I would make someday. He also told me about the hard work and stress he was facing in his new role as Archbishop of Newark. He told me how everyone knows him and how powerful he was. The Archbishop kept saying, “Pray for your poor uncle.” All of a sudden, I felt paralyzed. I didn’t have my own car and there was nowhere to go. The Archbishop started to kiss me and move his hands and legs around me. I remained frozen, curled up like a ball. I felt his penis inside his underwear leaning against my buttocks as he was rubbing my legs up and down. His hands were moving up and down my chest and back, while tightening his legs around mine. I tried to scream but could not…I was paralyzed with fear. As he continued touching me, I felt more afraid. He even tried several times to force his hands under my shorts. He tried to roll me over so that he could get on top of me, but I resisted, I felt sick and disgusted and finally was able to jump out of bed. I went into the bathroom where I vomited several times and started to cry. After twenty minutes in the bathroom, the Archbishop told me to come back to bed. Instead I went to the recliner and pretended to fall asleep.”
"In a letter dated four days after this incident McCarrick wrote a note signed 'Uncle Ted' that said in part: 'I just wanted to say thanks for coming on Friday evening. I really enjoyed our visit. You’re a great kid and I know the Lord will continue to bless you…Your uncle has great spots to take you to!!!'

"There are additional documents that substantiate this particular relationship. One can safely say that now-retired Cardinal McCarrick was same-sex active and can be presumed to have a homosexual orientation. Neither fact has interfered with his career as a cleric in the Roman Catholic Church."


  1. What kind of man (I'm referring to the seminarian) turns over and pretends he's asleep, tries to focus on the TV, becomes paralyzed with fear and vomits and cries? Is this the level of sissy we have of straight good honorable men in the priesthood? Why wasn't the dear bishop beaten to a pulp for attempted rape by the dear soul? Toss over the money changer's table for Christ's sake! Teach himn to never try such abuse again with anyone!

    If I treated a man raping my wife or daughter or son this way - what kind of man would I be? What kind of priest would that make me? I can see why this poor seminarian fellow was targeted, dear man, but he should have learned to box in the seminary like my father did in Catholic high school. We need priests with spines of steel, not cream - let alone not homosexual.

    This dear seminarian needed to learn how to fight the devil in combat, not just by turning and avoiding the situation like it wasn't really happening and hoping it goes away. This is what women do when being date raped or taken sexual advantage of by an evil man - time to brutally explain to a bully his power is less than yours and Gods.

  2. What about Bishop Lori, who was aux bp under McCarrick? A mothers' group protested his ceremony at the shrine because of his advancement of sex ed in catholic schools, but do we know if he also leans this way? Now Lori is chaplain of the KofC - is it any wonder that they refuse to deny/pull membership from pro-choice politicians?

  3. Thank you, Paul C., for your insightful comment. The point I was making in this post (and the one on the Les Femmes website that links to it) is that Fr. Haley's point that homosexuals should not be in positions of authority is completely on target. The corruption of the seminaries and the actual pursuit of homosexuals to enter the priesthood was the result.

    Some of Fr. Haley's tactics may have been wrong and I agree that he painted with a very broad brush in the deposition, but it is galling to see his treatment vs. that given to child molesters. As for the priests who wouldn't welcome him back, what do they do when they are living in a rectory with an active homosexual? Nothing? That, I think, is irresponsible. But wouldn't a priest have to be insane to go to the bishop - at least in Arlington?

  4. Mary Ann: The service your blog provides is a great help for those who see the "elephant in the room". If for no other reason... the blog gives us a place to send good Catholic men & women who are still stuck in the "pray, pay & obey" mode.

    Sad to say, my parish was taken over by the Lavender mafia here on Long Island... and many "good conservative Catholic men" flinched and backed down. They had more than 30 years of an excellent and orthodox pastor... but when the purple army came in, these same "good conservative Catholics" rolled over and played dead.

    So sad!

    Please keep up the excellent reporting. Also, keep the folks on Long Island in your prayers.

    God bless you.

    vty Pascendi

  5. Is it any wonder that the Catholic Church has been called the Scarlet Harlot in Revelation?

  6. Anonymous, that is an anti-Catholic statement and not true. St. John certainly was not referring to the Catholic Church when he wrote the book of Revelation.

    How could he? How can the Holy Spirit, who inspired the Bible, call the Church founded by Jesus Christ a "harlot?"

    And if the Catholic Church is a harlot because of evil men in her ranks, what about all the protestant churches that have the same or a more serious problem with homosexuality and sex abuse? How many protestant churches advance the murder of the unborn and same-sex marriage in total violation of God's law?

    Jesus Christ allowed a Judas among his apostles and he allows Judases today. But the Catholic Church is the only Church whose doctrine stands consistently against the moral relativism and immorality of today's culture of death.

    Cardinal McCarrick's evil actions don't make the Church evil any more than Barack Obama's actions make our Constitutional Republic evil.

  7. The cardinal's has retirement quarters in the Mater Dei seminary. I thought "how sweet," when I first heard that now I'm horrified.

  8. I read that the new Bishop Knestout was a dead ringer for Bishop Lori--and checking out their appearance, they do look alike.

    Also, in the 7/1/10 Catholic Standard article "Cardinal McCarrick sees 80th birthday as a new turn in the road for serving others", McCarrick is quoted: "'I believe...that I have ordained more priests than any bishop alive today'...All told the cardinal estimates that the approaching 400."

    When I read this I could not help thinking of Elijah/1 Kings Chapter 18 and Elijah's challenge to 450 prophets of Baal and 400 prophets of Asherah to a contest on Mount Carmel (and also the hidden prophets in two caves).

  9. It has been claimed that the Catholic Church is the greatest fraud that has ever been perpetrated against the human race.

  10. Well, I won't disagree that there are plenty of frauds in the Catholic Church: Cardinal McCarrick, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, John Kerry, Teddy Kennedy, etc.

    But as for the Church herself, she's the bride of Christ. So many of the saints we celebrate today died defending her and her doctrines and serving mankind. She's no fraud.

    Unfortunately, because of evil men in the Church, however, she's a battered bride. But her spouse, Jesus Christ, was battered too. Just look at the crucifix.

  11. The politicians you mentioned as frauds a not. The vows they have taken are to support the constitution not the bible.

  12. Exactly, Anonymous, they swore to uphold the Constitution which protects the rights of the individual and of people of faith. None of those I mentioned care a snap for the Constitution. They call it a "living" document and then act like Humpty Dumpty ("When I use a word it means exactly what I say it means.")

    Where does the Constitution give the federal government the right to set policy on education, health, energy, or gun control? All of those matters are the belong to the states. Liberals threw out the Constitution years ago. They want to eliminate the first amendment protection of Christians to quote the Bible by declaring it "hate speech;" they hate the second amendment and have been trying to get rid of it for years. They also hate private property and have no objection to violating the 4th as the TSA abominations show.

    The politicians I mentioned care little about their vow to uphold the Constitution and care about their faith even less. Not surprising. If they don't care about lying to God, they certainly won't care about lying to the people. The two go hand in hand.

    1. You are a lost soul in the land of absurdity.

    2. I certainly agree that we are in the land of absurdity! LOL!

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  14. Anonymous, after consideration I removed your comment because it included the name of a priest saying he was involved in a sex network at the North American College in Rome. You are welcome to repost without his name or, if you have any documentation please share it.

  15. Interesting..McCarrick's conduct was an open secret in North Jersey and Staten Island. It extended beyond seminarians

  16. As a Protestant/Agnostic, I have to find this article a farce! Any public documentation about the so called "allegattion" that Cardinal McCarrick is a homosexual must have names published! Anonymous does not hold water with me nor does it hold up in court or the Vatican...well at least I think! I'm not a Catholic. It just doesn't add up! I think someone is out for revenge.

  17. Try to find information about uncle Ted and the seminarians of the IVE where he now have his residence...

    1. Dear Anonymous, I was like you an agnostic for many years due in part to no religious formation growing up and due to the loss of family in my teens. It took quite a few splintered 2 x 4's over my hard head---all delivered gently by the Holy Spirit, for me to become past middle age, Home to Rome! I pray the same for you! All of us are in danger as long as we live sinful on this earth, and "who is without sin?" We in the Church need you!