Monday, August 27, 2018

The Vigano Atomic Bomb: What's Next?

I had a long conversation with Fr. James Haley yesterday about the Vigano bombshell [Read the letter here.] We talked about the crisis in the Church and the necessity for all the cancer to be cut out.

How can the window thrown open to the corruption in the hierarchy not be a vindication of this brave priest? Fr. Haley lost everything in an attempt to get his bishop, his spiritual father, to do something about the filthy corruption poisoning our Church?

How might things be different if 15 years ago someone in authority had listened to him. After his trial, Father Haley spoke to several bishops who told him nothing would be done about it. A few clergy said the important thing was to get him back into ministry, but he insisted the truth be told. "It will NEVER happen!" he was told.

Long before Bishop Morlino spoke about the "homosexual subculture," Fr. Haley was blowing the warning trumpet. He went to Bishop Keating who asked in Rome during his ad limina visit what he could do about his homosexual priest problem. He left Rome in a body bag.

Bishop Loverde asked for evidence and when Fr. Haley presented it, not only did the bishop ignore it, but warned his "spiritual son" saying, "You have no idea what I can do to you!" Then he trumped up a case against him and threw him out of his parish with a few hours notice. The message was sent to the clergy. Shut up or get out! Accept the "homosexual subculture" and bend to its power or be destroyed." Fr. Haley kept the evil secret until he was deposed in the tragic Lambert case. had to accept the homosexual subculture and bend to its power or be destroyed. So Fr. Haley went into a long and lonely exile.

Responding to a supporter who emailed him recently expressing his thanks and promise of prayers, Father responded:
Thanks for your persistence and prayers, but the Fr. Haley you once knew is dead; "murdered".

(He is currently excommunicated by the Vatican; and has been forcefully dismissed from the priesthood by the Vatican for violating a personal precept of silence. He will now incur another excommunication for violating the Pontifical Secrecy prohibiting him from revealing the above.)
Outside of the fact that those in power in the church (purposely not capitalized) will NEVER allow him back -- too dangerous to the secrecy that allows them to hold power, he cannot now be resurrected unless someone in the Church, where the fullness of Truth in faith and morals is supposed to reside, and from where the Truth is supposed to be proclaimed, answers the moral dilemma/conundrum/scandal of having and supporting same sex attracted priests/bishops/archbishops/cardinals/popes.
Will the revelations coming out bring Fr. Haley back? I have been praying for that for fifteen years! I invite my readers to join me. May God bring back all the good and faithful priests pushed out by the homosexual subculture and the false shepherds!



  1. Praying with you, Mary Ann.

    Praying for you, Father.


  2. Praying rosary daily for all the faithful children of our weeping mother church, including Fr. Haley whose devotion to the Holy Eucharist was pivotal in my conversion to the Catholic Church. I wrote a letter stating as much to then Bishop Loverde when Fr. Haley was forced to resign. Please let him know that God is a loving God.

  3. Thank you for your comment, April. Just a clarification -- Fr. Haley did not resign, he was forcibly removed from the priesthood against his will and against all justice and charity.

  4. Bishop Bransfield just resigned: He used to be the rector at the Shrine in DC. Fr. Haley mentioned him in his deposition on pages 154 and 155:

  5. Sorry to be off topic, but there seem to be some good people here who are plugged into the Arlington Diocese…

    Does anyone have information on the status of Father Duesterhaus? He was placed on administrative leave for a child abuse allegation back in March, and I haven't been able to find any follow-up on the case whatsoever. Both of my kids had Father Duesterhaus for religious instruction way back when he was at St Michael and all of us are incredulous. Thanks.

  6. Prayering continuously for Father Haley. My thoughts are that satan really feared him. Father Haley was so instrumental in bringing so many souls to God, including my own, and thus my whole family; including my oldest, who has entered the priesthood.

  7. When was he laicized?

    I have been praying for him for years.

  8. My prayers are with you Rev.F.Haley. Your homilies were so very inspiring. So mystical and profound. May God Bless you. You will always be a Priest in my eyes.