Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Archbishop Weakland: Out of the Closet

Surprise, surprise...Rembert Weakland was one of the most scandalous Catholic leaders in the United States when he was serving as Archbishop of Milwaukee. In 2002 when he retired, he was intent on covering up his homosexuality by essentially paying a $450,000 out-of-court bribe to his same-sex lover in order to prevent evidence in open court. But the cat was out of the bag so this new revelation is simply the final affirmation of what everyone knows already.

Like many narcissistic homosexuals, Weakland probably covets attention. And it will be so much more fun to be openly participating in the gay community: welcomed by Dignity, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and other dissenting Catholics who enjoy playing Church. Besides, in the U.S. sodomy is politically correct and ever-more-popular among the brainwashed "tolerant" so coming out will probably spur sales of his upcoming autobiography. He may even think of the book-signings as opportunities to make new friends.

One interesting coincedence I can't help noting is Weakland's announcement takes place at the same time a transvestite is positioned to win American Idol. Reality is so much more interesting than fiction -- who needs to read books anymore? Perhaps the bishop and the idol can sing together: "All things gay and bi-sexual all lustiness great and small, all things S&M and lesbian, the evil one loves them all."

Keep in mind several things about Weakland. In Milwaukee he promoted dissent and sexual deviancy and was the enemy of orthodoxy. He endorsed the most graphic sex education for children and demonized parents who protested. He destroyed the beautiful historic cathedral and when Rome intervened with a stop order, he blasted ahead to finish the carnage. Dissent, scandal, and wreckovation are the hallmarks of a disordered life. This is his evil legacy and, instead of repenting of it, he moves to a new level of scandal shouting it from the rooftops or at least from the bookstores.

Now think back to 2002 and the Dallas meeting when the bishops diverted attention from their own irresponsible, even criminal, enabling of homosexual abuse. Throwing up a smokescreen, they told us the problem was really not homosexuality but parent and family sex abusers. And so they mandated fingerprinting for all lay volunteers and a one-strike-and-you're-out policy for abusive priests while exempting themselves. They developed VIRTUS which "trains" those working with children to look for abuse among straights who are the real problem while telling them homosexual abuse is a "myth" despite the fact that homosexuals commit almost 40% of child abuse while representing only about 2% of the population.

It has all been very convenient for Archbishop Weakland and other homosexual bishops. How many more are hiding behind their pectoral crosses? According to the John Jay study two thirds of the bishops engaged in moving the abusers around, lying to parents, and covering-up. How many did that because they are themselves homosexuals who empathized with the victimizers rather than the victims?

Weakland should never have been a priest; he certainly should never have been a bishop. He was one of Cardinal Bernardin's boys so many of whom have spent their careers (one can hardly describe them as "vocations") destroying the faith. This latest scandal emphasizes once again how sorely needed are Canon Laws that ban homosexuals from the priesthood and from any positions of authority in the Church. Rembert Weakland was a victimizer who enabled the rape of children and the rape of the faith. It will be many years before the damage he did in Milwaukee can be undone. Pray for him; he has much for which to answer and this latest episode just adds to his burden of guilt. Get thee to a monastery, Archbishop Weakland.


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  1. What an awful, awful scandal. What damage he has done to the Church. Yechh!