Saturday, May 9, 2009

Miscellaneous Articles on the Homosexual Problem

Here are a variety of articles relating to the homosexual problem in the Church. It's interesting to note that there is no instruction on homosexuals in the priesthood that rises to the level of Canon Law. Why not? The statement of a Congregation simply does not have the weight equal to the seriousness of the problem. Pray that Holy Mother Church will address the fullness of truth by declaring unequivocally in Canon Law that homosexuals may not be ordained and those who are presently in the clergy may not hold positions of authority.

Openly Homosexual Phoenix Priest Who Endorsed "Naked Boys Singing" Movie Excommunicated

Homosexuals Not Permitted in Any Seminaries

On Priesthood and Those With Homosexual Tendencies
Instruction From Congregation for Catholic Education

Notable Articles, Documents, and Quotes on the Church Abuse Crisis


  1. Mary Ann,

    Thank you for your continuing coverage of the homosexual plague in the Church.

    What is your take on Arbp. Weakland coming out of the closet today?

    Julie Collorafi

    It's no big surprise, but it is a watershed moment since it is the first time a high-ranking American prelate has admitted to being a homosexual.

    Perhaps it will lead to other revelations.

  2. Thanks for asking. I answered with today's post.