Friday, June 5, 2009

Homosexuals Simply Cannot Be Ordained!!!!

How many times does it need to be said. Homosexuals cannot be ordained! The latest evidence is a Catholic priest in California. Here's an excerpt from The Californian of Monterey County:

The Rev. Antonio Cortes of St. Mary of the Nativity Catholic Church, was arrested on April 16 after the 16-year-old filed a report with Salinas police. Cortes is accused of molesting the boy and giving him alcohol since he was 14. He remains in Monterey County Jail on charges including providing alcohol to a minor, sodomy and possession of child pornography.

A later article in The Monterey County Weekly reports:

The latest discovery of numerous underage porn videos on Cortes’ laptop led the Monterey County District Attorney’s Office to file two felony counts of possession of child pornography on top of the original felony and 12 misdemeanor charges.

According to Deputy District Attorney Rolando Mazariegos, Cortes began giving “spiritual massages” to a young male at Greenfield’s Holy Trinity Catholic Church about two years ago. Cortes allegedly asked the then 14-year-old boy to lie down while he rubbed his body, and would offer the teenager brandy.

Their relationship continued when Cortes took over as head pastor of East Salinas’ St. Mary’s of the Nativity Church, one of the biggest parishes in the county. Mazariegos says the massages turned sexual on April 14, when Cortes allegedly sodomized the boy.

After the boy went to police, Mazariegos says, Cortes admitted to committing crimes during a phone call with the boy, set up by law enforcement. “The priest didn’t deny any of the allegations brought forth by the victim,” Mazariegos says. “The priest’s response to the allegations was, ‘Whatever happened, happened.’”

Investigators also allegedly found pictures of topless juveniles on Cortes’ cell phone and child pornography on his computer. Cortes pleaded not guilty to all the charges. Cortes’ attorney, Miguel Hernandez, says his client is innocent and is being tried in the media.

Cortes is the first pastor of the Diocese of Monterey to be arrested for sexual misconduct with a minor, spokesman Warren Hoy says. “It really is an aberration,” Hoy says. “It is not something that is condoned or accepted.”

Although Father hasn't been to trial yet, the evidence against him looks pretty damning. After all, the child porn was on HIS computer and HIS cell phone.

I have some questions. Where were these encounters with the young man taking place? In the rectory? Did no one have any inkling that it was going on? Did Father live with other priests? If he did were they all like Schulz in the old Hogan's Heroes series, "I know nuthink?"

Homosexuals are a danger to children. They are a particular danger in the priesthood where they live in a constant occasion of sin and have unusual access to youngsters, especially boys. When will someone in the hierarchy address this issue publicly and make it unequivocally clear that homosexuals may not be ordained?

One suggestion -- just as businesses do spot checks of their employees' computers, the bishops should do the same with the priests' computers. And the bishop's computer should not be exempt either. Let's face it. The silence on this issue from the hierarchy indicates the problem goes to the top.

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