Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Journalism is War and so is Fighting Homosexuality in the Church

Matt Abbott has a column today talking about George Archibald's new book. Archibald is the former Washington Times reporter who investigated the homosexual priest problem in Arlington. Abbott describes Chapter 16 as "a doozy."
The gutsy and thorough Archibald — who was raised Anglican, by the way; he's not Catholic — names names, even more than I have. He's not afraid to be sued, and he has been sued (for libel) "at least three times" during his tenure at the newspaper; but, he writes, "no one has ever laid a glove on me because the documentation was always there."

I haven't read it yet but plan to order Journalism is War. Some stories should not be allowed to die.

Please keep praying for Fr. Haley.

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