Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Another Gay Priest Scandalizing the Church

What would you think if your pastor had a work background that included being a gay prostitute and a bartender in a gay bar? Would you want him teaching your children about the faith? In fact, would you want your ten-year-old son or grandson in the sacristy alone with him? Or around him at all? Especially when he publicly debunked Church teaching on sexual morality and other doctrine?

Well, Fr. Haley is out in the cold although he was solidly orthodox and often preached on the hard issues: abortion, contraception, etc. But here's a priest in Quebec who, not only publicly defies the Church, but makes no bones about his gay past. (We can only wonder about his present.)

Check out Fr. Gravel who is suing LifeSiteNews Canada for saying he is "pro-abortion." He claims they defamed him since he is "pro-choice." Makes you wonder if Fr. Gravel knows the meaning of the word hypocrite!

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