Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bishop Matthew Clark is exactly the reason for the sex abuse scandals!

Rochester bishop: Vatican isn’t against homosexuals entering priesthood

Bishop Clark has been a scandal to the Church for years. Here's a partial description of his dissent-ridden history.

His shameless promotion of homosexuals in the priesthood fits perfectly with enabling abuser priests who he described as "afflicted, not sinful." (Tell that to the parents of the victims, especially those who committed suicide!)

The priest sex abuse scandals primarily involved homosexuals raping and molesting pubescent boys, but you'd never know it from Clark's eulogy to homosexual priests. (What's so holy about living a lie? Homosexuals don't "give up" marriage and family, they join a boys' club where they live and socialize with those to whom they are attracted.)

Most of the victims of sex abuse as shown in the Jay Report were young teen boys. The only reason the abusers could continue as long as they did, many for decades, is they were enabled by senior clergy, i.e., pastors and bishops. And Matthew Clark is the poster bishop for gay promotion. In 2005 he was among a handful of U.S. bishops considered the most gay friendly by the Rainbow Sash Movement (Catholic homosexuals who celebrate their depraved lifestyle and demand to receive Communion while wearing the "rainbow sash" that identifies their activism). Clark promoted this heretical group from its early days. Here's a portion of a 1997 article from Catholic Insight reported at Cleansing Fire:
“Rochester, NY – On March 1, Bishop Clark celebrated Mass in Sacred Heart Cathedral for 1300 “gays,” lesbians and their “families.” Well advertised beforehand, they came from as far away as Buffalo and Syracuse, some dressed in leather and chains, many coming as couples holding hands, women out-numbering men three to one, all being welcomed effusively, first by fifteen priests in attendance and then by Bishop Clark and his female master of ceremonies. The bishop joked and was full of good cheer; several times he referred to “their integrity, goodness and wonderful gifts” for the community, in an address which was enthusiastically interrupted by applause.

At Communion time everyone–Catholics, non-Catholics, non-Christians–came forward. Two men received the Host from the bishop and then faced each other, and gave each other the Host. Many lesbians followed this example. There was much kissing and holding of hands.

Outside the Cathedral some 80 demonstrators gave witness to the Church’s true teaching. It would have been more courageous for the bishop, to tell the group, said one, “that if you are not in the state of grace you can’t receive the body and blood of Christ.” But the bishop made no such announcement.”
Aren't you sorry you weren't there? Clark is about as Catholic as Martin Luther, only Luther had more integrity because he left the Church. Clark has stayed around undermining the faith throughout his "career" (one can hardly call it a vocation). It is more than disheartening to see these wolves in sheep's clothing tearing at the heart of the Church with bared fangs and bloody claws. How many have lost their faith or never learned it because of this scandalous "teacher."

Under Clark, the Diocese of Rochester has collapsed. He governs a shrinking local Church, has closed most of the schools and many churches. And there are few vocations (probably a blessing). Clark turns 75 in July 2012, mandatory retirement age. It can't come too soon for many in his flock who have suffered the scourge of his irresponsible governance for years. I think they'll join me next year in saying, "Hie thee to a monastery, Bishop Clark, and ponder the ruin you've made of the poor Church in Rochester. The day of reckoning approaches."

Pray for all bishops and priests, especially the Judases among them. May they turn to the Lord seeking his forgiveness before the day of reckoning.


  1. Maryann: I lived in the doicese of Rochester and everything you say here is true. We have a similar problem all over New York. I'm beginning to believe that until the consecration of Fatima is really done... that the errors of Russia will continue to spread. One of those errors is the following and teaching of Freemasonic ideals instead of Catholic ideals by the clergy. Only the TLM and a complete collapse of everything else will bring us eventually back. Unfortunately, by that time... sharia law will be everywhere.

    Please take a moment and call the chancery in NYC and admionish Archbishop Dolan for the unspeakable evil he uttered the other day when referring to sacriligous reception of the Holy Eucharist as a 'tempest in a teapot'.

    Ask him how you, Mary Ann, will explain that to grandchildren, neices and nephews who will soon face the new Muslim caliph which comes to replace the sterile & shrinking Church whose leaders serve Ceasar istead of Christ the King?

    Ave Maria. Bob on Long Island.

  2. Mary Ann: Did you see Bishop William Murphy's comments about homosexuality in our Long Island, NY diocesan newspaper?


    Hmm... ???

    Smells pretty bad to me.

    vty Bob

  3. It all sounds so complicated and sick.

  4. It was Matthew Clark who suspended the brilliant Cuban American priest, Father Erique Rueda, for compiling his monumental report on the Homosexual takeover playing our before our eyes today.."The Homosexual Network, private lives and public policy" Father Rueda died here in Florida less than four years ago. http://www.remnantnewspaper.com/Archives/2010-ryan-rueda-rip.htm I only wish we could have had more time together. He was a good friend.