Friday, July 29, 2011

Miami Vice, the Gay Cabal, and Courageous Catholic Laity

The article linked below is sickening and contains at least one graphic photo. But it shows that the problem in the U.S. church is not going to disappear anytime soon. Archbishop Favalora should be the homeless cleric travelling around the country in a motorhome instead of Fr. Haley.

How many other dioceses have their "secret gay cabals" engaging in perversion and embezzling from parishes? No wonder the Church fails to be the salt and light to the culture of death. Poor Holy Mother Church in many places is in the hands of rapists.

Note, that any acton that now taking place in Miami goes to the credit of the laity there. It was the laity, using the name Christifidelis and led by Catholic lawyer Sharon Bourassa, that exposed this filthy rot. Two thumbs up to this brave woman and may her group continue to monitor the situation since the diocese is apparently inundated with homosexual priests. The laity need to hold our bishops' feet to the fire and fight with unflagging vigilance like the widow who demanded justice from the unjust judge. That's exactly what most of the U.S. bishops are. Remember, three fourths of them covered up child rape and moved abusers around. A few are gone, but most still remain in their sees. God help us!

Miami Vice: The Catholic Church's Secret Gay Cabal


  1. If anyone can contact Fr. Haley, the solution is rather simple. Join the FSSP. With the recent instruction giving authority to Ecc. Dei., it is easy for Fr. Haley to join the FSSP. The FSSP would have to agree to it, but if they do, he's in. The bishops can no longer touch him. It will take a year, but during that time, he can be learning the TLM. All persecuted priests, please join the FSSP and go on the offensive. Help restore Tradition.

  2. The Holy Father cited the remedy not long after being elevated to the Chair of Peter: Get the homosexuals out of the priesthood, get them out of the seminaries, and stop allowing them to become priests.

    The Catholic priesthood is for heterosexual men, period.

  3. Pope Benedict promised to "remove the filth from the Church." It will be interesting to see what happens here. Bp Favalora will probably have to bring in a note from his mother and he might even receive a week's detention. "Revenge is Mine, saith the Lord."

  4. Perhaps it is also wise and helpful to pray for the conversion of these priests. God pays the same in the last hours as he does for the whole day. Their conversion would strengthen the Church.

  5. Why is anyone shocked by this? For years the Archdiocese of Miami has been a notorious sewer of priestly sodomy.

    As long as there are homosexual bishops, the problem will not be dealt with. Oh sure, they'll put up their facade of "zero tolerance", but it doesn't matter. These guys are going to circle their wagons and protect themselves. There is one other problem in place: Even the best, most orthodox bishops, will never, I mean NEVER utter a public word against a fellow bishop, no matter how rank and corrupt he might be.

    There are plenty of other dioceses where this is a big problem and even a new bishop isn't going to be able to ferret it all out: Boston, St. Paul, Chicago, San Diego, Orange, Fresno.

    Watching an effeminate priest glide across the sanctuary is not going to attract vocations. It does attract something else though, and that's our problem.

  6. Do pray for the priests in the Archdiocese of Miami. I know of several priests there who have fought the good fight, and have felt isolated and alone. They have worked quietly and diligently in the background, with their morale diminished by the sadness. They are hoping for a breath of fresh air.

  7. An enemy has done this...

    I find it increasingly hard to believe that participants in this "filth" had at any time within their lives an authentic spiritual call to the priesthood coming directly from God. This is well organized evil; and if found to be factually true that other such "secret gay cabals" permeate other dioceses to this same extent, well then, it's a plot to undermine the priesthood--pure and simple. What we have, if what I suspect is true, is the terrible result of "giving that what is holy to dogs and throwing pearls before swine." In effect, the Demon has found a way to simultaneously trample faith in the All Holy Triune God, His Church, and earth-bound souls—In the attempt to create a false Christ and false Church He is “consecrating” human agents not called by God, but by evil design.

    We are in need of more “Agents of Light” such as Christifidelis...

  8. Will Bishop LoVerde answer the question?

  9. Anyone want to come out and implicate Cardinal Theodore McCarrick as the ringleader and standard bearer of the gay cabal? I suspect as much, but have no proof.