Friday, July 8, 2011

Another Homosexual Priest Scandalizes the Church

Oh, but there's no problemo in the Church! And just ask your bishop. He'll tell you he isn't aware of a single homosexual in his diocese. Well, I think it's a pretty good guess that Rev. Thomas Bouterie fits the bill.

Mardi Gras Miscue Topples Topless Priest

When you visit the website note the photos of Fr. Bouterie, especially the one next to the two biker boys. Click on the photo at left which will enlarge the picture of Father next to the flamboyant drag queen and let you progress to the next photo of him with the biker boys.

"Where's that hand, Padre? You're not playing basketball ya know and he didn't just make a basket!"

At least the guy's been removed as pastor. What's Father's take on the matter?  "His resignation was not 'reflective of the current problems' in the Church, but more indicative of his 'personal growth as a priest.' Yup, marching half-dressed illustrates your "personal growth." Can anybody tell me if there's any significance to wearing the black band on the arm? Or is that symbolic of his black clerics?

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