Sunday, July 29, 2012

"Queering the Church" -- It Goes On Apace

I've been reflecting lately on how successfully homosexual activists have infiltrated the Church using a "gay" mythology to present their disordered inclination as normal, and, in fact, a civil right. (I've blogged about it here and here.) Interestingly enough, homosexuals are the ones introducing terms like "queering the Church."  If you Google it, the first thing that comes up is the blog of a self-described Catholic with a smorgasbord of pro-homosexual offerings including a list of "queer saints and martyrs." He names both canonized saints and others, like homosexual priests flaunting their "gayness." What exactly gives this man the authority put his personal spin on the lives of the saints or to canonize his favorite gay priests is unclear. But a brief perusal of his site indicates that, while he claims to be Catholic, his "faith" has nothing to do with adhering to the teachings of Christ articulated through the Church. He, like any other protest-ant, is his own pope.

But I digress. As I said, homosexuals have successfully infiltrated the Church. How have they achieved so much? First, they have plenty of help. Homosexual bishops like Rembert Weakland, Daniel Ryan, and Patrick Ziemann as well as other bishops who may or may not be gay but promote the homosexual agenda (Thomas Gumbleton, John Cummins, Raymond Hunthausen and Walter Sullivan, for example) represent just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty currently serving who cooperate with homosexual agitprop. Then there are the priests turning their individual parishes into homosexual enclaves. Some are notorious like Most Holy Redeemer in the Castro Section of San Francisco, a number of parishes in the twin cities, St. Cecilia's in Boston, and St. Francis Xavier in New York City. I suspect every diocese has gay freindly parishes with some dioceses so overrun they are La La Land, or Lavender Land if you prefer.  If a diocese is filled with dissent, you can be sure it is also filled with homosexual activists and homosexual or homosexualist priests.

Some of the clergy most effective at promoting the gay myth have bullhorns. In other words, they work in media or education where they magnify their dissenting voices not only to a parish of pew sitters, but to Catholics all over the globe. The Jesuits are filled with them. America Magazine never tires of advancing homosexuality and the myths associated with them. Check out a few examples here and here and here where Fr. James Martin advances the myth that homosexuals are born that way and that, because of their disordered attraction, they deserve special respect. His deceit is subtle. Instead of stating the reality that all deserve respect because they are sons and daughters of God, homosexuals deserve special compassion and respect BECAUSE OF their particular temptation to sin. It would be like calling for more respect for someone because he's an abstaining wife beater, although it's unclear that Fr. Martin believes homosexuals are required to abstain.

One thing I find particularly troubling about Fr. Martin is his frequent mixing of truth and falsehood. In this statement:  "if you are a devout Catholic who is attentive both to church teachings and the public pronouncements of church leaders, you will be reminded that you are 'objectively disordered,' and your sexuality is 'a deviation, an irregularity, a wound,'" Here he correlates a false statement with a true one. The Church does not say that homosexuals are "objectively disordered." She teaches that their inclination to intimate relations with persons of the same sex is disordered, in other words, "a deviation, an irregularity, a wound." Now this semantic confusion is puzzling from a Jesuit with all his training. So is Fr. Martin just a muddled thinker and careless with words or does he deliberately confuse by muddying the waters? In view of his enthusiasm for the dissenting nuns of the LCWR, I confess I don't trust him a whit.

There are many foot soldiers like Fr. Martin working the homosexual propaganda machine and they have many lay comrades. PFLAG, dissent groups like Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, Catholics United, Call to Action, etc. ad nauseum.

Is there hope that the queering of the Church can be stopped? Of course. God is still in charge and he promises to work all things for good to those who love and serve Him. So pray and work for the truth. Love and respect all, but never fail to stand for the truth even when it makes others (your children included) angry. When people get angry it means their consciences aren't quite dead. And a living conscience is the beginning of conversion.


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