Thursday, September 13, 2012

When Will Fr. Bob Pierson Be Disciplined?

Fr. Pierson made this shameful speech in June. I can find nothing anywhere to indicate he has been disciplined. Apparently publicly attacking the teachings of the Church because your "conscience" tells you to is A-okay. Pierson is a Benedictine monk at St. John's in Collegeville, MN which has a reputation for being riddled with gays, a number of whom were abusing children.

But Fr. Pierson doesn't just talk about his approval for gay sex, he runs the guest house at St. John's and allowed the scheduling of an LGBT "naked retreat" where participants would take off their clothing and touch one another. Fr. Pierson was the one who scheduled it and he is the treasurer of the sponsoring organization. The retreat ended up being cancelled when faithful Catholics exposed it, although who ordered the cancellation is unclear. Check out the description of the retreat here (It doesn't mention the getting naked part.) and note the contact email for Fr. Pierson.

Fr. Pierson illustrates what Fr. Haley warned against. Gay priests are undermining the Church and the hierarchy won't touch these guys. Why not? How many Fr. Piersons are out there hiding their identity pretending to give up wife and family to be the bridegroom of Holy Mother Church? I suspect their name is legion. The fact that this priest has apparently suffered no consequences for his in-your-face challenge to Church teachings and blatant promotion of sodomite activity indicates something very sick in the Benedictine Abbey in Collegeville and in the diocese of St. Cloud.

It is a deep irony that this renegade priest, whose lack of fidelity is on YouTube for all to see, remains a priest in good standing attacking the faith while Fr. Haley has been forcibly removed from the priesthood and excommunicated. Something is sick in the state of Rome.

Read more here and send your complaint to:

João Bráz de Aviz, Cardinal, PrefectCongregation for Religious
Palazzo della Congregazioni
00193 Piazza Pio XII, 3
Vatican City, Europe


  1. He is the perfect example of a morally twisted, most malicious and stupid priest infiltrated to the mystical body of Christ: the Church! He is the son of darkness! I will pray for his conversion and forgiveness in Jesus name!!! Amen!!!

  2. All gay priests and all others who were involved in the scandalous acts must be relieved from their duties. They are the cancer in the mystical body of Christ! People will be confused, discouraged and misguided if they will continue with their vocations! we need a holy priest! We don't need a filthy and demonic priest who actually a son of darkness!!!

  3. As Jesus said, some demons are only driven out through prayer and fasting. Priests are under particular attack by the devil. We need to be committed to pray and fast for them through the intercession of Mary, Mother of Priests.

  4. Is it even proven that all of the sexual abuse the happens within the catholic church is by gay people? I think this is a huge misconception. Because he is an openly gay man doesn't mean he is attracted to children. Newsflash fellow Catholics: God created him gay. that's what happened.

  5. Who said all abuse is by "gay" people? But in the Catholic priest abuse scandal, MOST abuse was same-sex attacks on adolescents and near adolescents, ephebophilia rather than pedophilia. Newsflash, Anonymous, there is NO evidence that God "created" anybody gay. Provide some data. An anonymous statement saying "that's what happened" may satisfy your idea of fact, but it's just your anonymous, apparently uninformed, opinion. And Church discipline says same-sex attracted men should NOT be ordained. It puts them in a continuous situation of temptation and near occasions of sin.