Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gay Priest Exposes Himself on Florida Beach

Ah yes, the scandals are all behind us now that the bishops are fingerprinting lay volunteers and "empowering" children to fight off adult predators. But the gay problem in the church is obviously NOT over. Fr. Bernard Chojnacki, a parochial vicar from St. Charles Borromeo in Sarasota (Diocese of Venice, FL) was cruising the southern end of Caspersen Beach in Venice, a stretch well-known for gay hookups. Unfortunately for him, local police were carrying out a sting operation and when he grabbed a detective's genitals while exposing his own he was arrested for indecent exposure and battery. Read more here.

Now if you were a parent at St. Charles, which has a school, how would you feel? Would you want your sons anywhere near him? Not me! Homosexuals are attracted to young men manhood. Even if he restricts his perversion to "age appropriate" sodomy, he is a threat.

What's the diocese doing? Fr. Chojnacki has been put on "administrative leave" whatever that means and the diocesan spokesman calls the charges "unsettling." All I can say is, if he did it, and he certainly has a right to an unbiased investigation and trial, release him from the priesthood. "Gay" priest is an oxymoron. A man who is not wired like a man for whatever reason, cannot portray the manliest man in history. God created men and women. Jesus and Mary are the perfect role models for the meaning of male and female sexuality. Someone who is "gender confused" deserves our sympathy and respect as a child of God with a difficult cross, but he should NEVER, NEVER be a priest! And hiding in the rectory closet is not the answer.


  1. Bishops "don't get it" because they don't WANT to get it. The bishops in the US just spent more than @2million trying to convince the man in the pew that there is no connection between the so called abuse scandal and sodomy.

    Mary Ann... pleas pray for the regularization of SSPX priests. if the Holy Father regularized the SSPX, then the Lavender Mafia would no longer have a captive audience in the diocesan gulag. Rather... good large Catholic families who love the Old Rite and all the Sacred Tradition which goes along with that would be free to support the SSPX and thy could vote with their feet. the problem now is that law abiding Catholics can't bring themselves to go to good SSPX priests until the Holy Father takes the next big step. He has already liberated the Old Mass, and he has removed the excommunications. All now that is left to be done can be done in the name of "Vatican II ecuminism". Just pray the Holy Father grants SSPX faculties and a personal prelature (portable parish status)... so that orthodox young Catholic families can sidestep the modernist lavender mafia.

    vty Bob from Long Island.

  2. I'll offer my rosary for that today, Bob. I'm so sick of showmen at the altar. Just get out of the way, narcissistic priest, and let the light of Christ shine through!

  3. The RCC needs to have married priests, female priests, gay priests who are celibate or in committed relationships (preferably married to each other).

  4. You're wrong anonymous. There will never be female priests and there should be no "gay" priests for the obvious reason of their disordered inclinations. As for "gays" who are "married" to each other -- that comment shows a lack of understanding about both marriage and homosexual sodomy. Two men can mimic marital intercourse by forcing body parts together unnaturally, but they cannot achieve the God-ordained ends of marriage which includes the possibility of procreating children.